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Sharing Address Books

Just like calendars or regular email folders, personal address books can also be shared with other users in your workgroup.

Share Contacts with others


Settings for sharing is controlled through the address book properties accessible through the More actions menu behind the gear icon the footer in the Directories and Groups list.

  1. Select the address book you want to share.
  2. Choose Edit address book from the actions menu.
  3. Switch to the Sharing tab in the properties form on the right.

The table displays who already has permission to see and modify the selected address book. Here you can manage permissions the same way as Sharing a Folder.

Subscribe to Shared Address Books

Address books shared by others are not showing up right away in the directories list of the web client. Switch to Settings > Folders to see all resources you can access. There’s a shortcut to this: click Manage folders in the actions menu behind the gear icon located the footer of the directory list.

In order to make a shared address book appear in the address book view, locate it in the folder manager and check the Subscribed mark in the list. Only subscribed directories are visible in the address book view.