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Calendar Preferences

The settings for the calendar module are listed in Settings > Preferences and are grouped by the following sections:

Main Options

Default view
Lets you select the Calendar View which is visible by default when opening the calendar.
Time slots per hour
How one hour in day and week view is divided vertically. If for example set to 2, you will see events displayed in 30 minute blocks.
First weekday
Which weekday to begin the week view with.
First hour to show
When opening the day or week view, the listing of events starts at this time. Of course all hours of a day are visible by scrolling further up.
Working hours
This time range will be used in the availability finder when automatically selecting free slots for a meeting.
Event coloring
The coloring of the title of an event block (“outline”) as well as the background color of the box (“content”) in day and week views is influenced by the color of the calendar an event belongs to and/or the color of the category it is assigned to. This setting lets you control which source for coloring to use or if you even want a combined coloring that reflects both, the assignment of calendars and categories.
Default reminder setting
When creating new events, they’ll have this type of reminder set by default.
Default reminder time
When enabling reminders in a new event, use this preset as default.
Create new events in
This is the default selection for saving new events. Used in both the calendar view and when accepting event invitations.


This block allows the management of categories used in your calendar and assign colors to them. Use the color picker to change the color by clicking on the square color box in the categories list.

To add a new category, enter its unique name into the text box below the listing and then click the Add category* button to add it. Note that you still need to click the Save button at the bottom of the preferences panel in order to finally register the new categories.

Birthdays Calendar

The calendar view and also display birthdays from contacts saved in your address book. This block controls how this is done.

Display birthdays calendar
Enable the birthdays calendar feature with this checkbox.
From these address books
Choose from which address books you’d like to see birthdays in your calendar.
Show reminders
This option controls whether and when to display reminder notifications for upcoming birthdays.